What sort of added value is my agency bringing?

July 13, 2018


Clients are busy. Even as the work agencies do for them helps relieve that burden, it’s not always top of mind for clients to consider the question: “What sort of added value is my agency bringing?” But that doesn’t mean they can’t get answers.

Here’s something our U.S. based agency is doing to show value to its clients. akhia communications developed a Client Value Report (CVR) that features what they’ve done recently for specific clients in terms of statistics that support KPIs, results that show how they supported business objectives, and stories that show how we were able to bring clarity to the complex and maximize their program. From akhia’s perspective, a CVR shows how the agency lives their mission, showcases their purpose and uplifts their clients, all at once.

From a client’s perspective, these eye-catching CVRs go deeper to make a business case and show the value their program brings to the business overall, and in turn show the value the client is bringing to their organization.

Meanwhile, by being templated, these CVRs are turnkey in their production. But because the data points are different across clients, they’re customized too.

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