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IPRN is one of the world’s largest and well established independent agencies networks. Our members are located in the most important countries and cities all over the world. We are experts at what we do. Through us you can access a wealth of experience, communication knowledge, market and sector expertise. You can trust us to deliver results, whether we work individually or as an international team.


IPRN is one of the largest and most well-established networks of independent Public Relations agencies. We have been growing since 1995.


We have about 50 members, present in over 100 major cities in more than 30 countries. Our main focus is on international knowledge transfer.


As leaders in our home countries and market sectors, we put expertise and knowledge within your reach to deliver results for clients in any industry.


We have many great activities. One is our Annual General Meeting and Conference, hosted in a different world city each year.


New members are admitted after undergoing due diligence and have to respect our Constitution and Code of Conduct.

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Ideas to Innovation: Technology’s Role in Content Creation

Continuing our “technology shaping communications’ series from the last article on and the first pillar of embracing the new tech communications era, ‘Revolutionizing Listening’ underscored the transformative impact of technology in the field of communications, particularly with advanced analytics and AI-powered tools.

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