Benefits for Members

We offer unequalled opportunities for the advancement of knowledge and business through the exchange of information, experiences and contacts with other public relations professionals throughout the world.

We organize an Annual General Meeting and Conference in a different member country each year. Lasting for 4-5 days the Conference provides the forum to decide upon the development of the organization, approve strategies and share knowledge, business contacts and communication achievements.

IPRN’s website enables prospective clients to link directly to the websites of each member agency.
Members are invited to submit agency news (press releases, announcements of projects, business wins, research papers or published articles) which will be posted on IPRN’s Blog and our Social Media channels.

The Members’ section of the website facilitates the sharing of information and knowledge, and provides a forum for discussions. In this private area there is access to international experience, case studies, network and professional resources, expert and local knowledge, advice and expertise.

Attendance at the annual meeting and conference together with and occasional regional meetings helps to establish close working relationships with other members, which often facilitates the referral of business from one member to another and one country to another.

Why Join?

IPRN provides members’ clients with the resources to work internationally through the associates they select, secure in the knowledge that the work undertaken will be done well because our members know each other, and their capabilities personally.

Members are periodically informed by the General Manager and other members of developments within the organization, clients, projects, work and experiences thereby contributing to the best transfer of knowledge and experience.

IPRN has an Executive Council or Board of Directors, Chairman, Vice-Chairman, General Secretary and Chairmen of the Committees that are elected annually, as well as a Code of Conduct conditional for all members.

The main goal is international knowledge transfer, comprising a myriad of professional information, data, guidelines, best practices, case studies, inter-agency information with industry experts and resources to improve skills.
New members are incorporated after a formal application process and after due diligence has been applied.

This ensures that the capacity, expertise, markets and skills of the new member reaches the high standard expected of IPRN members.

Supportive references are requested from clients and from national PR associations, then the majority of members must approve membership.

Being a member of IPRN is a seal of recognition of your agency’s skills and expertise, and offers the opportunity to actively participate in a worldwide organization to further enhance your reputation and motivate your staff.

How to join

Annual General Meeting

As a plenary meeting of all members the AGM is the primary opportunity for members to influence the decisions and control of the organization. At AGMs the following are typically debated and discussed:

  • Definition of the objectives and strategies to be developed for IPRN during the following year.
  • Evaluation of the previous year, including assessment of the general work, the business associations, commissions and results.
  • Formal approval of accounts and approval of the following year’s budget.
  • Election of Directors: Chairman, Vice-Chairman, Chairmen of members’ committees as necessary.
  • Selection of the place and dates of the following AGM / Conference and Regional meetings.

Project of the Year

The IPRN Project of the Year awards attracts entries from member agencies providing a showcase for agency’s best works during the preceding year. The judging is undertaken by those members attending the conference; fellow professionals being the harshest critics.

Working Together Across Borders

IPRN agencies frequently work with colleagues in different countries with great success. Such partnerships are beneficial to our clients, as they know that they can rely on the lead IPRN agency to introduce the right IPRN partner in the countries they wish to target.
With IPRN the strain and time taken searching for the right match no longer is an issue. Some examples below:

Launch of a new manufacturing capability
UK based Edson Evers called on French IPRN member, Passarelles, to assist with the launch of a new process in an existing and traditional paper making plant in Brittany. The task was to maximize national, local and international interest in a product that enhances the performance of advanced energy storage systems.

International Automotive Cooperation
IPRN member AutoCom Deutschland has, since years, been directing a campaign on behalf of Schaeffler Automotive Aftermarket in nine different markets for the brands INA (transmission components), FAG (bearings) and LuK (clutches and flywheels). The aim of the campaign was to inform car dealers and garages operating in the aftermarket of the range of services Schaeffler Automotive Aftermarket offers for repair shops and distributors. AutoCom used several IPRN agency members.

Appointment of a local PR country agency
Having previously worked with Edson Evers as one of a team of IPRN members for the European launch of a new compressor technology, Evercom was appointed as CompAir’s local public relations agency in Spain. Evercom oversaw the repurposing of relevant international content for a Spanish audience and worked on specific media activities with the local Spanish sales company.

Introduction of a company in the German Market
Danish company, Morsø, has a 160-year history of producing cast iron wood burning stoves. Its well-deserved worldwide reputation is due to its high quality and timeless modern design, but in Germany it was not that well-known and this had to change. Kragelund Kommunikation Danish member referred Morsø to German member Pentacom that began work on a contract. The main objectives were to introduce the brand to the most important media and increase the visibility of Morsø in Germany.