There’s plenty of reasons to being a member




of being a member

IPRN provides member’ clients with the resources to work internationally through
the associates.

Knowledge transfer is in the core of our activities sustained by the “IPRN
Collaborative Efisystem” concept. Members are permanently sharing best
practices and informed by the CEO on internal developments.


There’re a lot of reasons to
join our community

IPRN has a democratic and efficient international operational structure: Executive Council, Board, Regional Chairs, Chairman, Vice-Chairman, CEO and Committee Chairs. All are approved annually at the AGM.

Improve the skills and expertise of our agencies with best practices, case studies, inter agency knowledge transfer, guidelines and external international resources are part of our DNA as independent entrepreneurs.

New members are incorporated after a due diligence process and with the approval of the majority of our members, to ensure the highest reputation and market skills of each candidate in their regions & countries.

Being a member of IPRN is a seal of recognition of an agency’s skills and expertise. It offers members the opportunity to enhance their PR reputation and the use of additional international resources.


The AGM is the most important activity of IPRN and offers the opportunity to influence decisions and control management. It comes together with an annual conference focused on knowledge transfer, best practices, networking and other PR activities.


IPRN agencies frequently work with colleagues in different countries with great success. As independent partners, the cultural diversity, sector skills and proved experience enriches client projects and PR & Communication campaigns.

A few examples are below:

The launch of a new manufacturing chemical plant in a country of a multinational client based in another country, in which two of our members cooperate closely.

The campaign of a large multinational automotive company in nine countries for three of their brands that require the support of nine of our members and their sector staff experts.

The appointment of a local public relations agency in a country to enlarge the PR international structure of a healthcare company entering that market.

The requirement from a member client in the tourism sector to join forces with an agency they know in a country where they had a crisis and needed immediate support.


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