International Public Relations Network



International Public Relations Network


is an international network of independently owned and managed communications and public relations agencies. We have more than 50 members in +100 top cities and more than 40 countries around the world.


is an international network of independently owned and managed communications and public relations agencies. We have more than 50 members in +100 top cities and more than 40 countries around the world.

Local knowledge. Global reach.

Our members and contacts cover markets in the five contients

We are PR and communication experts

We are experts at what we do. You can trust us to deliver results, whether we work individually or as an international team with a lead agency.

Expertise & knowledge within your reach

We provide local knowledge and global reach for all our clients who demand selective market PR programmes.


We expand our knowledge. Growing together.

The AGM is our top annual event where we learn about best international practices, case studies, business development and discuss our client requirements


Do you need international PR & Communication services?

WHY IPRN is different?

1. As a network of owner managed PR companies and independent entrepreneurs, we are different and operate in highly flexible ways.
2. The IPRN member you contact is the person in charge of that business –the owner or a senior director. Your business matters to us personally.
3. Client sovereignty is greater with independent agencies than with multinationals. We put our clients’ interests before our own. Growing our clients’ business is part of our DNA.

4. We guarantee integrity, experience and professionalism, as a knowledge based multicultural PR organization.

5. We value our staff and offer them opportunities to develop their careers, motivation to grow and activities to learn.

6. We don’t depend on transnational agreements adapted to other markets, we devise programmes that take account of the local culture and global circumstances.
7. We are able to coordinate or manage a group of agencies from different countries, languages and cultures, thus adding value to your project.

8. We are an open, transparent, lean and efficient international PR organization.

Do you want to be the next IPRN Member?



Rodrigo Viana de Freitas

Central de informaçao

Porto (Portugal)


Sonia Quesada

High Results

Bogotá (Colombia)


Luis Gonzalez

IPRN / Euromedia / Alana

Madrid (Spain)

Executive Council

Jan Gusich (United States), Sonia Quesada (Colombia),Rodrigo Freitas (Portugal),Pawel Bylicki (Poland), Luis Gonzalez ( Spain).

Regional Chairs

Asia (June Li), North America (Jan Gusich), Europe (Claude Sauber), Middle East (Anishkaa Gehani), Africa (Nicole Capper), Russia & CIS (Inna Anisimova) and LatAm (Sonia Quesada).


Rodrigo Viana de Freitas (Portugal), Sonia Quesada (Colombia), Luis Gonzalez (Spain), Pawel Bylicki (Poland), Heike Fries (Luxembourg), June Li (China), Nicole Capper (Africa), Claude Sauber (Europe), Inna Anisimova (Russia & CIS), Sonia Quesada (LatAm), Jan Gusich (North America).


IPRN Committees are a good tool for knowledge transfer between members, learning from other colleagues in other countries and to participate in the development of the organization.


Philippe Beck (Binsfeld, Luxembourg, Chair), Members: Kieran Powell (CvM, USA), Claude Sauber (Binsfeld, Luxembourg), Mikko Sillanpaa (H&V, Finland), Harvey Choat (Nexus, UK), Inna Anisimova (PR Partner, Russia), Mikko Sillanpaa (H&V, Finland), Laura Hermida (Alana Consultores, Spain) and Luis González (IPRN).

The IPRN website is the most important presentation and marketing tool of IPRN. Needs to be constantly updated and is key for the development and reputation of the organization, also to use the capacities of digital transformation, inbound communications and marketing solutions and other new and innovative tools that can facilitate IPRN objectives, improving the visibility of the organization and the communication with members and prospects.

Annual Awards

Luis González (Alana Consultores, Spain, Chair), Members: Pawel Bylicki (Public Dialog, Polonia), Rodrigo Viana de Freitas (Central de Informaçao, Portugal), Philippe Beck (Binsfeld, Luxembourg), Inna Anisimova (PR Partner, Russia).

Organizes and manages the Annual Awards; Projects, Video and Agency of the Year. Updates the rules, follows up participation, collects entries, nominates the Jury, selects the finalists that will participate at the annual conference, produce and designs the trophies and diplomas, gives support to the conference organizer for the voting and prize giving ceremony, etc. Adapts the IPRN sponsorship concept and manages the sponsors with the conference organizer.

Network Development

Luis Gonzalez (IPRN, Chair), Members: All Regional Chairs; Jan Gusich (Akhia, USA, as IPRN North America Chair), Sonia Quesada (High Results, Colombia, as IPRN LatAm Chair), June Li (Blue Focus, China, as IPRN Asia Chair), Nicole Capper (Cape Town, South Africa, as IPRN Africa Chair), Inna Anisimova (PR Partner, Russia, as Russia and CIS Chair), Philippe Beck (Binsfeld, Luxembourg) and the Chairman, Rodrigo Viana (Central de Informaçao, Portugal, Portugal

IPRN is in permanent growth. Member pro-activity and connections continue helping the organization to grow as a global network. In addition to the website and the CEO the Chairman, Regional Chairs and Board members help to contact new potential agencies. The recommendation of members, IPRN benefits and the activities are the best way to earn new members


Cristina Hlinschi (McOnie, UK, Chair), Members: Carolyn Long (McOnie, UK), Isabell Reinecke (Presigno, Germany), Rodrigo Viana (Central, Portugal), Laura Hermida (Alana Consultores, Spain), Jaroslav Matyas (Crest, Czech Republic) and Luis González (IPRN).

The IPRN e-Newsletter is a good tool to communicate with members via our content management system and to capture the attention of prospects and other interested audiences, like clients, sponsors, partners, etc. IPRN improves the content at every issue with member participation. 5/6 issues are edited every year with interesting international news that demonstrate members competence, leadership and global presence

Media Relations

Jan Gusich (Ahkia, USA, Chair), Members: Juan Gabriel Corral (Evercom, Spain), Inna Anisimova (PR Partner, Russia), Liz d’Oliveira (Redwood Consulting, UK), Nicole Capper (Mango, South Africa) and Nuray Gueler (Primo PR, Germany).

Creates and distributes IPRN Press Releases, articles and interesting stories for our targets and newsworthy for the media, with the help of members. Builds the visibility, notoriety, credibility and reputation of IPRN internationally and in all the target countries in which IPRN has members or wants to penetrate.

Members give support to translate, adapt and disseminate the news in their countries demonstrating the potential with great results.


Pawel Bylicki (Public Dialog, Chair), Members: Sonia Quesada (High Results, Colombia), Kieran Powel (CvM, USA).

Using the potential of our members as independent PR international expert entrepreneurs and owners of their business gives IPRN the opportunity to conduct different and interesting surveys. An excellent way to share information, know better the evolution of the PR & Communication industry globally, understand better the work of the agencies and what they we do for clients, what they demand and many other information of high interest for the sector, IPRN activities and the media. The information helps also to align better the activities of the organization.

SSMM Channels

Philippe Beck (Binsfeld, Luxembourg) –LinkedIn-, Gretel Going (CvM, USA) –Instagram-, Laura Hermida (Alana, Spain) –Vimeo-, Rodrigo Viana (Central, Portugal), Maria Carolina Florez (High Results, Colombia) and Alberte Santos (Evercom, Spain).

Main objectives are: 1. Raise profile and brand awareness. 2. Win leads and new business. 3. Capture new members. 4. Engagement with our audiences. IPRN has been using Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram and Vimeo. Should we continue with all, add Twitter or concentrate only on LinkedIn? We need to use the content supplied by members; in relation to activities, events, awards, clients, leadership thinking, projects, etc., and adapt the messages, photos and videos to each channel, in 5 line summaries, using hashtags, links and tags. We need also to motivate members to participate more, with a minimum contribution per year, encourage their staffs to engage, using content from their agencies website, newsletter, blogs, etc.

Sponsorship & Partnership

Luis Gonzalez (IPRN, Chair), Members: Rodrigo Viana de Freitas (Central de Informaçao, Portugal), Kieran Powell (Channel V Media, USA) and Pawel Bylicki (Public Dialog, Polonia).

IPRN is open for Sponsors and Partners. We are looking for companies and institutions that can be interested to build a relation with IPRN, our members and their clients, profit the activities or events we do, generate business opportunities and use the contacts and position our members have as key opinion leaders in their countries.


With our sponsorship & partnership concept we give also an opportunity for our member clients and contacts to benefit from and for the organization. The resources and income from sponsorship helps to pay for the activities, the management of IPRN and the agencies that are involved in the projects.


Rodrigo Viana de Freitas (Central, Porto, Chair), Members: Pawel Bylicki (Public Dialog, Polonia), Philippe Beck (Binsfeld, Luxembourg) and Luis González (IPRN).

IPRN organizes several outstanding events through the year with great potential. The most important is the 5 day Annual General Meeting and Conference organized by the agency of the Chairman of IPRN. The leader is open to get support and advice from past members of the agencies that have been involved in organizing previous AGMs, Regional Meetings or events. All ideas to improve the IPRN activities are welcome to get the high acceptance reached by our members from all over the world.

Business in IPRN

Maria Carolina Florez (High Results, Colombia, Chair), Sonia Quesada (High Results, Colombia), Harvey Choat (Nexus, UK), Jörg Pfannenberg (JP-KOM, Germany), Inna Anisimova (PR Partner, Russia).

IPRN has a lot of potential to increase business in our agencies using our sector expertise, internal capacities and the relation we have with international clients. The idea behind this working group is to grow this potential with a better knowledge of our member agencies, their clients and activities for additional business. There is also the possibility to organize specific IPRN business meetings or workshops between members with concrete targets

Brand / Positioning of IPRN

Mikko Sillampaa (H&V, Finland, Chair), Pawel Bylicki (Public Dialog, Polonia), Francesca de Feo (ING, Italy), Marko Alanko (H&V, Finland) and Harvey Choat (Nexus, UK)

This group has the target to look after the IPRN brand positioning and use it for the new website and all the activities of the organization

Women Chapter

June Li (Blue Focus, China, Chair), Members (TBC): Sonia Quesada (High Results, Colombia), Heike Fries (Binsfeld, Luxembourg), Carrie Jones (USA), Lucy Close (Redwood, UK), Inna Anisimova (PR Partner, Russia), Aive Hiiepuu (PR Concept, Estonia), Isabell Reinecke (Presigno, Germany), Francesca de Feo (INC, Italy), Mihoko Ohtaka (Kaiba, Japan), Nicole Capper (Mango, South Africa), Maria Jose Garcia (CCIBA, Spain), Jan Gusich (Akhia, USA) and Laura Hermida (IPRN).

Created by the initiative and sponsorship of our Chinese member, Blue Focus, as one of the largest PR agencies in the world, the main objective is to represent, use and promote IPRN as an engine driven to shape & promote women leaders on diversification and inclusion.

IPRN has an immense women talent leading many of their agencies and in their staffs –senior and junior- and PR is a profession and an industry that has more women working in it than men. IPRN wants to use this to help the development of society, the PR industry and our agencies and inclusion



Go to Members section, where you can search by country and sectors.


IPRN members work for large, medium and small companies in all industry sectors and B2C, B2B, CSR and International projects. To find our more go to each member.


We are represented in Europe, North America, China, Russia, Middle East / UAE, India, LatAm. The network is expanding and we have contacts in many other countries.


Through our CEO, who is also an active IPRN member. Luis González, Telephone: +34629507253 e-mail: luis.gonzalez@iprn.com


Quality relations, knowledge transfer, access to expertise, outstanding activities, business contacts, networking, awards, support to work internationally, etc.


Our members are independent highly reputed middle size PR & communication owner lead agencies with an international profile and collaboration spirit.


Yes, in some countries we have several members. New ones have to get unanimous approval by the members of that country and the majority of the rest.


Knowledge transfer is one of our main targets. The great majority of our unique activities are focus to learn best practices, share case studies and experience.


One of the cornerstones of IPRN membership is to be able to work internationally. When our members look for business in another country or city for a current client they refer to an IPRN member.


We provide support to our members, the best contacts and relations, exceptional activities, market insights and intelligence, strategic advice, media outreach and the PR & communication services clients demand in all countries.

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