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Ideas to Innovation: Technology’s Role in Content Creation

Continuing our “technology shaping communications’ series from the last article on and the first pillar of embracing the new tech communications era, ‘Revolutionizing Listening’ underscored the transformative impact of technology in the field of communications, particularly with advanced analytics and AI-powered tools.

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83% of PR agency members use Artificial Intelligence

The majority of respondents (70%) also indicated a positive business growth perspective for 2024. Never has the expression ‘fast-paced, ever-changing world’ been more relevant. In 2023, the economic uncertainty related to the war in Ukraine and in Israel, the rising

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Web Summit Rio 2023: Creativity in times of AI

Web Summit Rio 2023. It couldn’t be different. Generative Artificial Intelligence dominated several stages of the Web Summit Rio 2023, considered the largest global event of technology and innovation. In the first edition held in South America, there was also

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