Six Key Benefits of Executive Leadership Coaching

Feb 10, 2016


1.- Aspirational

While standard Executive Coaching is about improving your performance at work in more senior executive roles, Executive Leadership Coaching is this and more. It invites you to tap into your career aspirations and personal purpose in relation to how you can make a bigger difference and leave a lasting legacy as a result of your progressively increasing leadership capacity.

Strategic Leadership Coaching elevates your goals and expands the dimensions of your role so that it becomes a platform for you to realize your potential. A Strategic Leadership Coach will help you to harness your signature strengths and developing talents to lead others and generate sustainable community outcomes that benefit everyone.

2.- Strategic

This is the 20th century game of increasing sales and profits to meet shareholder demands for ever-increasing returns. It’s not about strategic marketing or business strategy. It means increased strategic thinking to make decisions that trade off short and long-term gains in the pursuit of sustainable outcomes and benefits for all stakeholders. It’s about exercising strategic leadership based on the strategic development of you as a leader up to the level of Strategist, only occupied by 5% of leaders worldwide.

3.- Personal

When you wish to be a more strategic leader leading transformational change, it’s essential to review personal reactive patterns and emotional responses to challenging life events and stressful situations. Otherwise the personal blocks in your subconscious will continue to hold yourself and others back.

When we look at life personally, we take total responsibility for everything that is appearing in our life experience that carries an emotional signature for us. However when we face issues that trigger negative emotions, it’s important to realize that they are an expression of our subconscious.

4.- Important

The Covey Institute undertook a great deal of research where they compared how people spent their time in most organizations compared to those who won the Baldridge TQM Awards for Excellence.

The difference was not in the 25% of time spent on Important/Non-Urgent matters and the 5% on Non-Important/Non-Urgent matters.

The difference was in the time divided between the Important/Non-Urgent and Non-Important/Urgent categories. The winning organizations divided their time 55%/15% whereas the rest did the reverse. The end result was that conventional organizations spent 80% of their time on Urgent being Reactive and Responsive whereas TQM Award Winning Organizations invested a total of 80% of time being Proactive and Creative on Important matters.

5.- Reflective

Combating stress and exercising greater awareness through reflective and meditative practices is growing in popularity today. Leadership Coaching embraces the power of reflection before, during and after coaching conversations. One of the most powerful elements of Leadership Coaching is the client’s opportunity to then talk freely, to give expression to their most embarrassing, upsetting and disappointing moments, in the company of a professional friend who is there to listen with a warm heart and open mind offering unconditional understanding and thoughtful mutual inquiry.

6.- Encouraging

As we take up more senior roles, our managers tend to spend less and less time on our development. Performance challenges, strategic decisions and corporate politics override our conversations with them. Developing executives in their thirties is one thing, but to do so for executives in their forties and fifties is less common. Even the most senior executives find themselves out of their depth.

However an Executive Leadership Coach with a sage strategic seasoned perspective on corporate affairs, business performance, global trends, local reforms, interpersonal dynamics, emotional resilience, neuroscience, mindfulness, adult psychological development, spiritual intelligence and community wellbeing, alongside substantial life experience, can bring a significant portfolio of knowledge, wisdom and discernment to the journey of adult development into our third age of maturity.


Antoinette Braks
Executive Coach /Strategic Leadership Expert