Just Happy Days


A middle-aged man in a rowing boat on the water.

According to data from WHO (World Health Organization), by 2050, 2 billion
people of the world’s population is expected to be over 60 years old. Of
this total, 3.2 million will be centenarians, at which time the elderly will
outnumber children and young people under 15 years of age. From such a
perspective, the international awareness project #noagecampaign was born,
launched by Just Happy Days, in partnership with a Portuguese university
– University of Porto – and IPRN, having just been launched on social networks
and spread internationally to media outlets around the world. The
campaign sees the participation of eight professionals, between the ages of 46
and 76, who embody the entire story. It also saw the collaboration of 18 Porto
University students from eight countries, interviewed by a psychologist from the
university’s Faculty of Psychology, firstly giving their vision on aging, and
subsequently analysing the images of the eight protagonists. Just Happy Days’
#noagecampaign project aims at raising awareness amid
generations younger to this issue, encouraging a transgenerational discussion
supported by real cases.