Sean Serafin, partner at Weber-Thedy, and RASA brought 110’000 signatures to the Swiss Federal Government

Nov 3, 2015

On Tuesday, October 27, 2015 Sean Serafin, Partner at Weber-Thedy, and the Association “Raus aus der Sackgasse (RASA)” and brought 110’000 signatures to the Swiss Federal Government demanding a popular vote on a constitutional change to clarify the country’s position on free-movement of people and its relationship to the EU. This is one of Switzerland’s top political issues and has received widespread media coverage.

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According to Geneva’s top business newspaper, “the RASA referendum, which aims to get out of the dead-end in our relations with the EU by striking the art. 121a of the Constitution “against mass immigration”, will have been lead with the dynamism of a start-up and a creativity worthy of a communication agency.”

 At the press conference, Sean Serafin presented the organisational side of the project. RASA was the first item on the noon and evening news in French and German speaking part of the country as well as the next morning on radio.