Report: “Fake news from Polish journalists perspective”

August 9, 2017


Fake News


Information has a crucial meaning in the 21st century. Fake news is the phenomenon which in a primitive but effective way can influence the reality surrounding us that appeared in the media more often. The ARC Rynek i Opinia institute commissioned by the Public Dialog agency conducted the first survey among (news) journalists about the scale of this phenomenon in Poland.

Key findings:

  1. 42% of journalists meet with fake news: several times a day, once a day, several times a week.
  2. Almost half of the respondents admitted that, they have believed in false information during the last month.
  3. Journalists verify information primarily on the Internet and through direct contact, often using national media and expert’s knowledge.
  4. According to 73% of journalists press law which is in force is sufficient, 23% said that it need updating/overwork.
  5. The fake news phenomenon will deepen  – 91% of respondents indicated.
  6. According to respondents, the advancing phenomenon of tabloidization of the media, competition and lack of time to verify information are main cause for the appearance of false reports.

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