Project of the year 2013 – Resume of entries

March 20, 2013


Title: ”Turning taboo into trend”
Agency: Kragelund

Launch of shower toilets in Denmark. The campaign spearheads the Scandinavian campaign with core elements being emulated in a later Norwegian campaign. The campaign focuses on circumventing the taboos of toilet habits and increasing low public knowledge of the product category. The project features PR activities including an impressive kickoff event in Paris.

Title: Hellmann’s Canada
Agency: Harbinger

Hellmann’s is an iconic brand that has been around for 100 years and is known for the unmistakable taste and texture it brings to your favourite salads and sandwiches. Unfortunately, there was much skepticism around the brand with many consumers calling it “junk or fat in a jar.” Through our efforts and our compelling and ongoing PR story, we have been able to dispel the negative health perceptions and to show the cooking versatility of Hellmann’s.

Title: A.A.A. (Advanced Accelerator Applications)
Agency: Twister

Radiopharmaceuticals factory for molecular diagnostics and therapy, must celebrate 10 years of activities and gave to Twister the organization of an institutional gala dinner dedicated to current and potential customers (B2B).
The AAA mission is to create a bridge between science and life. The elements chosen to explain the company’s mission and to enhance the event were: wáter, light and people.

Title: excellence
Agency: Binsfied

The quarterly inflight magazine, in the style of a classical travel diary, provides insight into the finest restaurants and wine cellars, offers travelogues far removed from mass tourism.
xcellence lives from interactions; every passenger is invited to submit his or her personal favourites…secret tips will then be included in one of the next issues for other clients to discover. xcellence takes the reader on a very special journey during a flight on one of the Luxaviation Group’s private jets; a journey to places with soul, to people who tell their story … France and the involvement of a product ambassador.

Title: Madrid Lighting Show
Agency: LUCA Comunicacion Corporativa

Havells-Sylvania, one of the top lighting product companies, wanted to reinforce their PR, positioning and LED products in Europe. They organized with a British lead agency a careful agencies selection. LUCA was the last one on board in Sep’11. With a monthly country ROI control Spain started the project in the last position but with a good PR Program, dedicated work and the Madrid Lighting Show climb up to the nº1 position.

Title: Writing for impact
Agency: Opinion Valley

Cycle of 7 two-day workshops given to all Alstom press officers worldwide by an experienced journalist, that combine a bit of theory and real life case practical exercises. The training offers an insider’s perspective into the workings of editorial offices, de-dramatizes the act of writing and explains how to maximize the impact of press relations through improved writing. A three-step self-evaluation process that allows Alstom PR officers to achieve consistency in writing for the media accompanies the workshops.

Title: City Gardening.
Agency: Senf & Partner

Bellaflora is the leading company in Austria’s gardening/flower-business. In 2013 the company focuses on 2 topics, which are quite strongly connected: organic gardening and urban gardening. Together with the client senft & partner developed a program to get strong attention to these issues. The special challenge was the short term of period we had for planning and accomplishment.

8. McOnie
Keeping the heat out!
Crisis management is part of our media relations remit with our client and sometimes keeping the company OUT of the media is just as important as keeping its name in the forefront of the media. On this particular occasion, we implemented our crisis management strategy immediately. We were dealing with an influential, daily newspaper so time was critical and we needed to respond effectively, professionally and within the journalists deadlines. Our role was to protect our client’s brand reputation and to prevent the story from developing further. We also had a responsibility to advise our client on how to manage the relationship with its own customer.

9. Nexus
Horse meat – and how to survive a scandal
2013 saw the biggest issue in the food industry in Europe since the BSE crisis in 1996. It was an issue which dominated the British media for weeks -print, broadcast and online were all equally involved in telling the latest news . While it was never portrayed as a food safety issue, it was an issue of consumer confidence in the control methods and probity of the suppliers of our food and it had some major effects on some of the companies implicated.

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