PR Partner hold development workshops in Moscow and Murmansk

January 13, 2015


In late December PR Partner hosted a workshop at The Faculty of Philosophy of Lomonsov Moscow State University, as part of a preparatory programme for enrollees The School of Future PR Specialist.

Anastasia Milosavskaya of PR Partner presented the workshop topic on the ways and interactions with media representatives. Future students learned about the development of PR strategy, key stages of working with the media and shared some secrets about how to communicate with journalists.

Once the lectures were completed the audience had a chance to play a business game which required them to develop a strategy to promote a company in the media. The workshop was attended by more than 25 students.


The Secrets of 100% effective PR was the title of the workshop held in Murmansk in mid-December by PR Partner’s, Natalia Kutuzova. Supported by the Murmansk region’s governor Marina Kovtun it formed part of the her initiative “You are a businessman!” aimed at training young people in the Murmansaya area.

Natalia concentrated on the interrelation of marketing and PR together with explanations on the differences between PR and advertising. She also highlighted some of the problems that companies often encounter that could be solved through skilful PR and this covered how to talk about a company, the key messages and what they mean and how to use the. Natalia also explained the necessity of focusing on media channels that are important to clients and why.

A separate discussion focused on how to start a PR company, the tools to use at the initial stages and how to make them as effective as possible illustrating her talk with tips and practical examples drawn from working with companies and media publications in various industries.

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