Kragelund experiences rapid growth

October 5, 2015


When calling the Danish communication agency Kragelund Kommunikation, you will meet several new voices. The explanation is simple, the agency is growing fast, and has almost doubled its number of employees during the course of this year. 

An increased number of customers and higher activities in general have had a positive impact on the number of employees at Kragelund Kommunikation. The agency has grown from nine to 17 employees, which means close to doubling employees. Kragelund Kommunikation is now the largest Danish PR agency located outside of the country’s capital.

“Since the turn of this year, we have experienced an extraordinary bustle at the office. This is due partly to the fact that we have gotten several new customers, and partly to the fact that many of our existing customers have accelerated their marketing activities. For that reason, we have hired eight new people,” says Gitte Høyer, CEO at Kragelund Kommunikation.

Huge Investment in Knowledge 

Being around for 20 years, the agency has proven itself a long-term player in the communication industry. However, throughout the last year the agency has changed significantly. Gitte Høyer highlights that it is crucial to be able to develop and expand, to ensure that the agency can meet customers’ needs and provide the right solutions and products. Progress is the road to success in an industry which is constantly evolving.

“Visual communication and a creative integration of words and images have become an increasingly larger part of our dialogue with our customers. The same goes for online marketing activities, because of the need to be present on a number of platforms,“ Gitte Høyer explains.

“This demands a broad team and we have invested vastly in knowledge. Having different skills under one roof means that we range far and wide in the services and products we offer our customers.

New employees include an Art Director, three Communication Consultants, an Online Media Consultant, an IT supporter and an Intern, who join a strong team of strategic advisers, senior and communication consultants with yearlong experience.


For more information, contact CEO Gitte Høyer.

Telephone: (+45) 87 88 20 35, e-mail:

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