Brand Footprint: a global ranking of the most chosen consumer brands

June 10, 2019


Global Ranking Top 50 Most Chosen Consumer Brands 2019, Kantar Footprint

Brand Footprint, by Kantar, is the leading study of the most chosen and fastestgrowing global FMCG brands. With behavioural purchase data collected from more than 40 countries worldwide, it provides a comprehensive, up-to-date picture of the most important consumer trends and the strategies deployed by winning FMCG brands—at both a global and local level.

Drawing on Kantar Worldpanel’s unique CRP metric, coupled with the views of some of the world’s most successful FMCG brands, Brand Footprint offers unrivalled insight on market changes and future growth prospects.

Brand Footprint remains your source of inspiration for finding new shoppers and achieving growth.

More information: Brand FootPrint

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