Creating momentum for financial literacy

December 12, 2018



The Luxembourg’s investment fund industry association ALFI wanted to dedicate its 30th anniversary celebrations – a special session being scheduled at the end of its annual Global Distribution Conference in late September – to the issue of financial education in Luxembourg.

It might come as a surprise, but Luxembourg as a financial center still lacks systematic government policy in this field. So what could the private sector do (more)? We mapped the key stakeholders already active on the matter, reached out to them and sought to create synergies. We set up a program for the anniversary session, based on three themes: to create a shared moments for all stakeholders; to present ALFI’s contribution under the form of its revisited ‘Understanding Investing’ platform; and to announce a commitment by ALFI to support (both financially speaking and in terms of volunteers) a pilot project developed by the Young Entrepreneurs association to bring financial education to schools.

As central parts of the session, we also recommended to first commission a public survey on the management of personal finances which pinpointed startling deficiencies, and second to produce a street interview of young people, including young leaders from business, politics, culture etc. Would they substantiate the survey’s findings? Yes! And what would their demands be? Straight forward!

A collective project of Oxygen & Partners, former IPRN member Donovan Hawker and Binsfeld.  A project to inspire other markets.

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