Why use a specialist B2B PR agency?

November 10, 2015


Wouldn’t it be better to hire a B2B PR agency that handles a diverse range of clients because the PR tools used in one and lessons learned in another would come together to offer a complete service?  The only issue for me is that I’m reminded of the saying ‘A jack of all trades, master of none’ and therefore offer instead my five reasons who companies should choose a specialist B2B PR agency.

1. Specialist B2B PR agency can save you time

Whether you are a marketing manager for a large corporate or SME, you may often be too stretched to make the most of an editorial opportunity in a magazine, arrange editor meetings at trade shows or engage fully with your company’s followers on Twitter or Facebook.  Working with a specialist B2B PR agency which understands your business and knows the relevant media and what lights their fires can save you time and make your working day less stressful.

In essence, if you think your time is better spent segmenting your target audiences, deciding on distribution channels and fixing price points, then it’s worth considering engaging a specialist PR agency to develop and deliver your communications component to ensure your marketing efforts have a greater impact.

2. Specialist B2B PR agency has access to the best

A specialist PR agency will have access to the best talent available because of the experience built up in the agency working with similar clients. A specialist agency will also invest in regular training that is specifically targeted for the benefit of their clients.  For clients, its crucial that the agency they hire can be briefed quickly. A specialist B2B PR agency  tend to be quick learners and can ‘hit the ground running’.

3. Specialist B2B PR agency knows the correct communications channels

It is one of the core functions of a specialist PR agency to know and have excellent working relations with the media in their specialist fields. For example, The McOnie Agency has established excellent relations with publications both print and online in the glass and glazing sector.  Occupational health and safety media can rely on The McOnie Agency to deliver reliable and trusted pieces on behalf of our clients in this sector.  A specialist PR will see to it that all steps are taken care of before issuing editorial to the media to ensure the client is satisfied its key messages are convened in the copy.

4. Specialist B2B PR agency offers Peace of Mind

A good specialist B2B PR agency is going to have a proven track record of delivering for its clients. At The McOnie Agency, our combined client retention extends over 40 years.  As a client, you should feel confident that the agency you hire will deliver on your marketing objectives.  Choosing the wrong agency will only lead to frustration and even perhaps disillusionment with PR when PR can be such an incredible tool to build your company’s reputation and swell your company’s bottom line.

5. Specialist B2B PR agency can be real partner in business 

Once you have developed a relationship with a specialist B2B PR agency that you trust, your future marketing activities should be easier. The agency will be aware of the audiences you want to reach, will be able to assist to developing key messages and be able to identify worthwhile media opportunities.  Because a specialist agency will know all the key players in the sector, the agency will also be ideally placed to see synergies between companies and organisations. The agency will then be able to recommend potential collaborations thereby strengthening the efforts of both parties and offering media more rounded awareness initiatives.

The McOnie Agency has 25 years experience in delivering specialist B2B PR to clients in the occupational health and safety, industrial and environmental sectors.  The agency works with the some of the largest manufacturers and distributors of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) including Arco, Scott Safety and DuPont. The agency also works with professional organisations including the British Safety Industry Federation (BSIF), BOHS, the Chartered Society for Worker Health Protection, Chartered Society of Environmental Health(CIEH) among others.

For more information on how The McOnie Agency can support your marketing efforts please get in touch with Sarah McOnie.

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