Two press confrences held in quick succession by Moscow-based PR Partner

Jan 20, 2015

The first two weeks of December 2014 were busy for Moscow-based PR Partner who held two separate events for different clients just a couple of days apart.

On 9th December a press conference for the Fibrum company’s announcement of the availability of its virtual reality helmet (VR-helmet) in early 2015. Journalists were invited to the art-space Forofaktura in the centre of Moscow for a presentation and the opportunity to learn the finer details of the VR-helmet and to test the product. Some twenty-five plus journalists from lifestyle and IT titles attended the event.

Fibrum is a Russian company specialising in the development of VR-helmet that uses smartphone as a screen, and other VR-applications that can be downloaded onto a smartphone to allow the user to dive into virtual reality.

11th December saw PR Partner at the Moscow planetarium with its Chinese client ZTE to launch its new premium class smartphone model Start 1.

PR Partner organized the launch event and created the support information. Within the planetarium the agency had created a demonstration for guests to get acquainted with the intricacies of the new phone. After the presentation the guests could see the film from the program of the Moscow Planetarium. Seventy three media representatives from business press to technology press visited the demonstration area.