Top Health Trends for 2016

February 22, 2016



  1. Re-invention of medicinal ingredients. Medicinal ingredients look set to get a make-over in 2016 as companies within the over the counter medicine sector develop new delivery formats and medicinal blends to challenge the current products on shelf
  2. Innovation in medical devices. Inventive medical devices are going to be centre stage in 2016 generating a new healthcare learning and user pathway for consumers
  3. Clinical research. To drive the media news agenda and be seen as a sector leader, clinical research to demonstrate the benefits of a product will be crucial
  4. Pharmacy will be king. With a £2bn+ deficit, the NHS is under great pressures. Pharmacists can bridge this gap between care in the community and the NHS, and will reduce the number of unnecessary doctor visits. Education on pharmacists being the first port of call for health will be crucial as 20% of adults are unaware of the healthcare services they already offer

by Nicky Smith  Director of Health Care, Nexus Communications Group, London UK

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