Three international agencies, new members of IPRN

May 18, 2021


The International Public Relations Network (IPRN) has expanded its global reach with the addition of three new international member agencies. IPRN’s new members are:

•          Cimagen, from Chile.

•          Lizette Weber, from Mexico

•          Attentum, from Lithuania

Cimagen Comunicaciones is a well establish agency in Chile, leaded by Ines Chocano as CEO and founder and Alicia Correa. They work in many market sectors and have a special expertise in the food, wine, hospitality, law, automotive, insurance and travel.

Lizette Weber is an agency from Mexico founded and managed by Lizette Weber that offers a wide range of services in several market sectors with a special expertise in technology, innovation, manufacturing, arts-entertainment-culture, CSR and tourism.

With both agencies and other contacts IPRN increases their direct presence in additional LatAm countries and markets offering clients a great coverage in the region.

Attentum is a boutique agency in Vilnius, Lithuania, leaded by Zana Jakeviciene and Aukse Armonaite. The hay a special expertise in Corporate and Professional and skills in a wide range of services: PR & Press, Internal, Financial, Corporate & Strategic Communication, Issues & Crisis Management, Events and Storytelling,

IPRN goal is to provide local reach and knowledge for clients who require public relations and communication activities in specific countries and markets around the world and international capabilities in many countries for multinational clients.

“IPRN is vital for agencies who want to expand their capabilities to conduct global work. We welcome our newest members and are happy with our growth in this difficult pandemic time that reinforce our success during the last years,” said Luis Gonzalez, IPRN President.

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