Stroke Awareness Campaign: act fast


Boehringer Ingelheim



With 19 years of experience, Headline has developed hundreds of health awareness campaigns for their clients.  Since 2017, they have been supporting Angel’s campaign of their client Boehringer Ingelheim, which objective is to develop a modern and dynamic stroke symptom recognition, risk factors and strokes treatments campaign.

The strategy of Headline goes through reach a broad and transversal group in an effective and different way. Resorted to the traditional free press with innovative and high-impact content, developed campaigns in the networks, with testimonial capsules, infographics and high-impact statistics, innovated with new channels, such as Tik Tok and the use of influencers and medical personnel, launched 4 challenges in networks, inviting the community in general, patients and health professionals and worked with Boehringer Ingelheim Chile collaborators to have internal ambassadors.