Parkinson Care





Careapt (a young startup belonging to Zambon pharmaceutical group) and Confederazione Parkinson Italia Onlus  (a non-profit association taking care of people suffering from Parkinson disease) decide to ensure free ParkinsonCare: a remote nursing care service for Parkinson’s patients with the  aim of limit outpatient visits to the strictly necessary cases.

On April 11th, during the World Parkinson Day, INC relaunch the ParkinsonCare  campaign in order to raise the awareness of media, Institutions and public opinion about the difficult situation of people suffering from neurodegenerative diseases, something that is scarcely talked about but that is the first cause of disability in the world.

The impressive media and social impact of the campaign  contributes to recognize ParkinsonCare as an international best practice and leads some remarkable scientific bodies to become its partners.