Japan National Tourism Organization


Japan National Tourism Organization



From March 2020 we were experiencing the most complicated era for tourism in recent decades. Specially in Japan, where travel was strictly forbidden for international travelers and the measures were some of the toughest in the world.

In this context, where uncertainty reigned, where travelers did not know what to expect or when travel would be possible, JNTO had a double challenge: continue to grow in all its digital channels and assets while maintaining travelers’ interest in visiting Japan, even though it was not possible and was not foreseen in the near future; and understanding the new traveler, who was more concerned about health, safety, bureaucracy, outdoor plans and safe experiences.

For this, they created a strategy based on two axis: Data, to understand the users, their perception and needs and make our campaigns more segmented and effective than ever; and Creativity, to differentiate Japan from the rest of the countries and take the attention of the user, being in the top of mind.


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