Advancing equitable access to vacines


Community Catalist



The A Shot Toward campaign was developed to equip grantee community-based organizations (CBOs) with the messaging and resources they needed to increase vaccine confidence and vaccination rates in their communities. JPA Health developed a comprehensive and customizable suite of materials for the CBOs to support their goals.

To increase vaccine confidence and improve COVID-19 and influenza vaccination rates, Community Catalyst (a leading non-profit national health advocacy organization that partners with local, state and national advocates to advance health equity and justice)  approached JPA Health to equip VEAP CBOs with the communications resources to reach and engage their communities.

To ensure we provided the right assistance, JPA surveyed all 90 CBOs to assess their perceived needs and barriers within the community. We also had in-depth interviews with about 20 of the CBOs to gain a deeper understanding of these challenges. This research guided the development of our strategic platform, A Shot Towards. Using the message frameworks as our primary guide, we developed a comprehensive suite of materials for the CBOs.

Our total budget for this project was $600,000, of which we have spent approximately $320,000. The remaining budget will be used to complete the additional toolkit materials, including testimonial videos, deep-dive library, translation of all the materials in six languages and providing ongoing technical assistance to the CBOs and strategic planning and thought leadership for Community Catalyst.

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