Technology, commitment and awareness, keys to new trends in communication

October 4, 2019



“Technology, emotion and adaptation, foundations of a new world” was the motto chosen by Cibecom 2019, the main Latin American communication meeting, to analyze the current communication trends that make organizations grow and progress in an increasingly volatile, complex, ambiguous and uncertain world.Interesting conclusions were drawn through workshops and conferences framed around the 3 thematic axes.

In an increasingly digitalized world, communication increasingly requires technology, but if there is no emotional component at stake, it will not be effective.The measurement of media impacts must give way to a measure of the impact on attitudes and behaviors related to business objectives.

For its part, Artificial Intelligence is impacting more and more in the communication and during the coming years all kinds of virtual assistants will appear by voice. However, and despite the fact that artificial intelligence intends to create machines that have the same capabilities as human beings, people will still be in charge of the areas of development that characterize us, that is, the strategic management of emotions.

Among the new trends that are currently being imposed to transmit all kinds of information, it is important to note that the Blockchain will enter strongly in the communication sector given the high transparency and veracity of the information it provides.

The progressive implementation of technology in our professional day to day will allow the creation of a new governance model based on an intelligent use of data that favors citizen participation and accountability by organizations.

From a emotions perspective, it should be noted that they are fundamental when making decisions and generating behavior in certain situations.

Organizations that have a clearer corporate purpose will have a greater facility to achieve a differentiating position that generates authentic identification and link with the people we want to be our prescribers.
The importance of emotions and the human component is such that the organizations that are committed to a more humanistic approach and strive to know in an exhaustive way their interest groups, have better results in terms of recommendation and sales growth, among others.

Companies not aware of inclusion, diversity, conciliation or human rights will have no place in the business world of the future. Nor those that do not give an account of their activity and that do not demonstrate an explicit and verifiable commitment to social concerns. Corporate values are vital in this case.
Therefore, CEOs must not only commit to their organization, but also to the most relevant issues for society, through the use of technology and appealing to emotions ethically.


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