Storytelling in PR by Passerelles

October 25, 2017


Today, the trend is in the snapshot. Of all ages and horizons, people learn, communicate, share, show themselves, it was necessary to reinvent the way to address the public. It is time for brands to differentiate. For this, storytelling seems to be the creative solution needed to combat the trivialization of communication strategies and brands.

What is storytelling?
Storytelling is about telling a story rather than classically putting forward brand or product arguments. The story can be real or fictitious. The main aim is to generate emotion, capture the attention of the target consumer / audience, create empathy and encourage new modes of behavior.

A Revolution for Press Relations
Journalists are also sensitive to these techniques. For PR professionals, they are one of the recipes that also mobilize on-line communities and influencers, and represent a new way to get stakeholders and media to join stories of companies, brands.

The 4 keys to a successful storytelling strategy:
• Ask yourself why a story needs to be told.
• Identify the protagonists of the story in order to personify a company, brand, subject.
• Use emotions in the story. To choose carefully with your targets and the desired impact.
• Accompany your words with concrete actions. It is more necessary to attract attention by speaking truth than by speaking loudly.

As you can see, the storytelling has not stopped infiltrating the RP stratas. The public needs to dream and to be moved. For those who are still hesitant to use this technique, think of the audience you will capture and all the beautiful stories you will tell!

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