Redwood CEO addresses women in leadership

November 16, 2016


Redwood’s CEO Lucy Close, a highly respected and experienced Leadership Coach, addressed an audience of over 500 executives from across the US financial sector on leadership theory and practice at the AICPA Women’s Global Leadership Summit in Boston.

Entitled ‘Politics with a lower case ‘p’’, Lucy’s one hour seminar focused on developing leadership identity and how to successfully manage both career and life with sophisticated political skills.

In the context of women in leadership, Lucy spoke on universally applicable techniques that address the multifaceted behavioural systems facing all executives in industry today. The interactive seminar was informed by academic theory and real life case studies, enabling participants to challenge perceptions about their own behaviours in real time, as well as providing tools on navigating differing organisational models.

Lucy was invited to speak in her capacity as owner of The Close Partnership, which specialises in the development of leaders, managers and their teams. The Close Partnership works in coordination with Redwood to offer clients comprehensive professional training and coaching.





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