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The Nexus heart lies in the \’Connections that Count, borne out of our specialism in the food, drink, nutrition and healthcare sectors we have served for more than 30 years.

Our understanding of the way these sectors tick runs deep. Not only through media and consumer audiences but into important aspects such as the finer details of retail, the world of industry regulations and the critical network of specialist opinion formers, influencers, experts and sector stakeholders that can make or break campaign success.

The connections we have developed enable us to deliver not only pinpoint targeted PR campaigns but broader communication solutions in areas such as crisis and issues management social and digital communications and branding and experiential realms. This joined up thinking means we avoid silos and ensures bottom line delivery and a fixed focus on client’s business objectives.

Recently we have used our specialist experience in specific sectors to develop a crisis management platform, CORE. We design each dashboard specifically for the individual client enabling them to manage their communications in the event of a crisis. Among many other features users can monitor for spikes in their coverage, contact their whole team with one click and receive up to the minute news feeds on an issue. CORE is the \’go-to\’ tool for communication professionals.

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Agriculture / Farming / Environment / Bio, Corporate / Professional Services

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Nexus Communications Group Limited


London (United Kingdom)


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