Harkonsalo & Vesa
Harkonsalo & Vesa
Communications agency of a new era
We combine owned, earned and paid media visibility for the benefit of our client, with a creative twist. We design your key messages, create the form and content, and build the desired combination of visibility within your target groups.

Through research we understand your business needs and design the story and messages that enchant your target groups and differentiate from the competitors. As professionals in communications and marketing we produce needed materials and take the space and airtime in your owned, earned and paid media for your benefit. We combine strong strategic vision with content production and build you the visibility you need.

We offer
• Developing the competitiveness of your reputation
• Crystallizing of your messages
• Thought leadership
• Employer branding
• Owned, earned and paid visibility
• Press relations
• Influencer relations
• Content production
• Courses, couching and training

Our fields of action
• Owned media: blogs, client magazines, online services, social media channels, content marketing
• Earned media: print and online media, guest blogging, events
• Paid media: Google advertising, native marketing, media advertising

Market / Sectors

Automotive, Arts / Entertainment / Culture, Corporate / Professional Services, Education / Training / Coaching / Leadership, Energy / Power, Fashion / Beauty / Textile, Finance / Investment / M&A / Insurance, Healthcare / Pharma / Life Sciences, Industry / Engineering / Mining, IT / Telecom / Technology, Travel / Tourism / Hospitality, Transport / Logistics / Marine, Real Estate / Infrastructure / Construction, Safety / Security, Design / Architecture / Lifestyle, Gastronomy / Luxury / Leisure, Gaming / Play Stations / Betting

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Harkonsalo & Vesa Public Relations


Helsinki (Finland)


Köydenpunojankatu 7 A 1

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Ilona Vuori


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FIN-00180 Helsinki


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Communications agency of a new era


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