Agency: JP - Kom
Client: BASF
2017 | B2B

The BASF Coatings division has hired JP|KOM to create a global web magazine for its 9,000 employees around the world: the fully interactive Coatings Matter webzine, to be published for the first time on March 31, 2017, includes stories, clickable infographics, votes, quick polls, and more. The responsive web design allows the magazine to run on mobile devices such as tablets and cell phones. The webzine is complemented by a glossy, high-quality print version – both to be published quarterly.The project was implemented within three months, starting in January 2017, after definition, design and development phases had been completed from November to December 2016.
Team JP|KOM: Katharina Balkmann (project leader), Miriam Stanitzek (web design), and Milene Rijcken (senior consultant).