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BlueDigital (BlueFocus Digital Marketing) is a member of BlueFocus Communication Group and specializes in providing integrated digital marketing services. Its predecessor BlueFocus PR Consulting was founded in 1996 and renamed BlueDigital in 2013. BlueDigital comprehensively integrates the company’s expertise and resources in traditional PR and digital marketing to form a service system that covers the entire value chain, from consumer insights to content creation, as well as comprehensive channel applications and sales promotion solutions for businesses. BlueDigital is dedicated to maximizing value for its clients through one-stop integrated digital marketing services and providing more professional integrated marketing solutions to meet clients’ needs for brand and product communications in the digital era.

Three case histories:
“Bring Happiness Home”
Description: Finding that the pain index of going home has reached 70%, most of consumers were not willing to spend the Chinese New Year at home, PepsiCo China launched PR campaign “Bring Happiness Home” for two consecutive years, by which successfully aroused social movement and received high recognition from consumers communities and media.
Practices &Specialities: Branding marketing

“Lefun Run APP”
Description: With the social media and smart devices developing rapidly, Lenovo developed an APP called Lefun Run to make people fall in love with marathon.
Practices &Specialities: Branding marketing

“Baidu Migrate”
Description: Visualize the migration of Chinese New Year on a single map to showcase China’s sweeping society wide transformation in a totally defferent way.
Practices &Specialities: Branding marketing

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Arts / Entertainment / Culture, Industry / Engineering / Mining, Travel / Tourism / Hospitality, Media / Broadcast / TV

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Blue Digital


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