Attentum Communications
Attentum Communications
ATTENTUM was founded by skilled professionals with a vast experience in corporate communications management at the companies from manufacturing, IT, telecommunications, financial and other business sectors. Our exclusivity is experience in innovation communication and public relations for international companies, deep knowledge of local media landscape and sustainable contacts with journalists as well as flexibility, attention to the details.
For each our project we take personalised approach and develop a working group of professionals to ensure the best competencies needed for the specific client and his goals.

Market / Sectors

Arts / Entertainment / Culture, Finance / Investment / M&A / Insurance, IT / Telecom / Technology

Our company

Company Name

Attentum Communications


Vilnius (Lithuania)


Perkūno g. 32

Prizes Won

Žana Jakevičienė is the Winner of European Excellence Awards (2011, 2012) and PR Impact Award Baltics (2015).


First Contact

Žana Jakevičienė

Second Contact

Auksė Armonaitė Glodienė

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Gilužių km., Avižienių sen., Vilniaus raj. 14195 Lithuania


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