Presigno relaunched its website

December 12, 2019


Just as the PR industry is changing, so too is our range of services. For a long time now we have been earning our daily bread not only by writing press releases which are then published in print magazines. We operate content marketing on all channels and look after the social media of our customers. At some point we at presigno became aware of the fact that our website no longer reflects our entire service spectrum. Therefore we opted for a relaunch.

First of all, we did benchmarking. How do other agencies present themselves? We also found out what potential customers are looking for on Google. Then we worked together as a team to collect ideas and develop an initial structure. While our editorial team was already working on first texts, our graphic designer came up with a proposal for the screen design. The whole process was very democratic and everyone got involved.

The result: The homepage reads more like a Pinterest board or Instagram feed. We let pictures speak, more information is revealed by mouseover or click only. The presentation is dynamic, the tiles in different sizes are animated. We have integrated moving images as well as social media feeds. Of course, the entire website is responsive. Oh and by the way: stock photos are now searched for in vain. Anyone who has ever visited us at the agency will recognize our employees just as much as the striking blackboard wall or the blast furnace plant at the industrial heritage site we are located at. Personality, we think, is the only way to stand out from the crowd.

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