PR Partner participated in the Moscow Marathon distances – E-news Oct ‘1

October 27, 2015


On 20th September members of the PR Partner’s team took part in the annual charitable Moscow Marathon, team members were Natalia Yarkova, Damir Feizullov, Elena Fuks, Julia Ogorodnikova, Anastasia Miloslavskaya, Valentina Voronina, Victoria Poyda, Natalya Kutuzova and Olga Kharitonova.  More than 20 000 participants from different countries had made their applications for the race of 10 and 42.2km.

During two and half months our colleagues were training on the technique of a natural run by sports coaches Leonid Shvetsov and Sergey Karavanov. The main principles of it are moderation, gradual increase in load and individual program for every person.

Our team made good results in the distance of 10 and 42.2km. Inexperienced runners could finished the run easily and athletes with experience improved their personal records. Natalia Yarkova and Julia Ogorodnikova overcame their first marathon distance for 5 hours and 13 min in average pace.

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