PR Partner Continues Promotion od the Project Socialkey Ads

July 7, 2016


PR-agency PR Partner continues comprehensive promotion of the project SocialKey Ads, but in terms of the extended subscription service with regard to promotion in the media space of the company DSL. The staff of the PR-agency will initiate comments, interviews and articles, organize issuance of press releases, infographics and results of marketing research of social networks and Internet users, hold a press breakfast for the target media journalists.

In the first year of work, PR Partner specialists were engaged in the promotion of the flagship product of the company Digital Society Laboratory (DSL), a service for managing profiled ads in social networks SocialKey Ads. During this period over 110 publications in business-, startup- ant IT-media were organized. The information about the launch of the platform was supported by online editions “Vedomosti”,, Expert comments, articles and speaker interviews were published on,,,,,,, and other portals.

Digital Society Laboratory is a Russian company that specializes in conducting sociological and marketing research in social networks and the Internet using innovative techniques of data search, personalization and filtering, founded in 2012.

SocialKey Ads is an online service for placing profiled ads, that are based on the comprehensive user profile, in Runet social networks: VKontakte, Odnoklassniki, Moy Mir and Facebook. SocialKey Ads is a project of the company DSL, launched in March 2015.

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