Tourism Group: Specialized Offer for companies and destinations

July 20, 2023


ourism Group: Specialized Offer for companies and destinations

The IPRN Tourism Group is made up of agencies with a wealth of knowledge and experience in the sector that aim to share high-value information and develop business in new markets

IPRN announces the creation of a specialised tourism group to boost international public relations in the sector. With the growing importance of tourism as an economic and cultural driver, IPRN has identified the need for a specialised approach to tourism. The creation of this group will allow IPRN members to leverage their specific knowledge and expertise to deliver strategies and campaigns tailored to the unique needs of the tourism industry.

Optimal PR support on the way abroad

IPRN’s new tourism specialty group will bring together PR agencies from around the world that excel in tourism and share the goal of promoting tourism destinations and businesses with innovative and creative approaches. These agencies will work closely together to exchange knowledge, develop best practices and provide customised solutions that boost the promotion and global visibility of their clients in the tourism industry.

Diego Barceló, CEO of Comunicación Iberoamericana (Spain) and Chair of the IPRN Tourism Group explains: “The tourism industry faces unique communication and promotional challenges, and we are committed to providing effective and strategic solutions to our tourism clients. By bringing together the best tourism PR agencies from around the world, we will be able to offer world-class services and leverage our global expertise to promote tourism destinations and businesses in an impactful way”.

IPRN Tourism Group agencies

At the moment, the IPRN’s Tourism Group includes more than ten agencies from four continents. Leading the group is Comunicación Iberoamericana (Spain), Central de Informaçao (Portugal), Luna (Belgium), Wright on Comm (United States), Mango MC (South Africa), Mekky Media (United States), EXTROVERT Business Communitacion (Greece), Public Dialog (Poland), Fortuna PR (India) and Concept PR (India).

Strategic advantages for international PR

Rodrigo Viana de Freitas, the newly elected president of the IPRN, explains the strategy behind the “Global Market Sector Leaders Groups”, which are also being established for other industries like Real Estate, Technology, Healthcare or Food & Beverage: “The Tourism Group was made to share information in this exciting sector and to learn from each other besides improving the knowledge in every market.  With this IPRN Group, companies can access to a network with a huge expertise and no borders”.



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