New “Tech Group” at IPRN: Specialized Offer for International Tech-Companies

December 12, 2022


When companies want to enter a new market abroad, they need experienced partners there. Particularly in PR, world regions and even individual countries differ fundamentally and in many details. The right PR agency must therefore have a perfect command of both the local media market and the client’s industry and its customs. Technology companies, for example, expect their agency to have an established network with the most important tech journalists and practical experience with the established mechanisms of tech PR. On the other hand, the agency should also have an in-depth understanding of the complex industry issues, buzz words and the public tech agenda.

In order to be able to offer these internationally active tech companies an optimal, cross-border PR service, more than a dozen agencies specializing in technology PR now have joined forces within the international agency network IPRN to form a “Tech Group“, based on the network ‘s new concept of “Global Market Sector Leaders Groups”. The agencies offer companies from various technology sectors optimal conditions for the cross-border development of new markets – with an internationally uniformly high-quality level of media work.

Presented at the Annual General Meeting in Colombia

The new Tech Group in the IPRN was officially presented at the network’s Annual General Meeting from September 23 to 27, 2022 in Cartagena, Colombia. It is led by the Chairmen Karsten Hoppe and Tilo Timmermann from the agency TDUB from Hamburg, Germany, and the Deputy Chair Pragati Tiwari from the agency Astrum from the New Delhi area, India. At the moment, the IPRN’s Tech Group includes more than a dozen agencies from four continents. The Tech Group currently taps North America through agencies in the U.S., South America through an agency in Chile, Europe through agencies in Spain, Belgium and Germany, and Asia through agencies in India and Japan. The list of the member agencies can be found here. For countries where there is not yet a Tech PR partner within the IPRN, suitable agencies outside the network are currently being identified, checked and, in case of a match, approached. The path into the network is then open to them – so the network will continue to grow quickly.

Optimal PR support on the way abroad

The member agencies of the Tech Group know the customs of tech journalism in their respective country and have in-depth industry knowledge, best practices and the right network needed to make topics such as digitalization, consumer electronics, software and hardware or complex B2B technologies the talk of the day in their country. With the Tech Group, companies can access a proven network directly across national borders. IPRN provides them with experienced agency partners in the new markets to be developed.

Strategic advantages for international PR

Rodrigo Viana de Freitas, the newly elected president of the IPRN, explains the strategy behind the “Global Market Sector Leaders Groups“, which are also being established for other industries like Real Estate, Tourism, Healthcare or Food & Beverage: “For companies operating internationally, there is no better option for successful technology PR than with the IPRN’s ‘Tech Group’. Large corporate agencies often do not have the same industry expertise in different countries – and they are expensive and often only focused on very large corporations. Smaller tech companies are undoubtedly better served by networked, owner-managed, dynamic agencies with a regional focus. With the Tech Group, the IPRN is now ensuring that companies can find agency partners worldwide who are perfectly networked to offer PR services at a globally consistent level of quality.“

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