Market Trends in China: WeChat launches ads on news feeds

February 23, 2015


WeChat, the first of a series of brand advertisements on news feeds launched in January creating much attention with the Chinese public and underscoring its position as the hottest social platform.

Owner, IT giant Tencent, places the ads in position according to data analysis and anticipates that it will bring the company more than 10 billion RMB a year – four times the current revenue of WeChat.

Since the beginning of 2015 WeChat has replaced Qzone as the social platform with the most users in China and prior to that it was the most used social tool often thought of as an all-in-one app.

WeChat key functions are

1. Instant messaging

The basic function of WeChat is instant messaging as with WhatsApp. Many view WeChat as a closed and personal application.

2. Official Account

Brands and companies can apply for two different official accounts.

2.1  Service Accounts

– appear together with personal accounts but can only push four news items a month.

– access to advanced WeChat functions such as after sale service, an online shop as well as payment tools.

  2.2 Subscription Account

–  these are in a group thus separating from personal accounts

– there is no limit to content pushing but only basic support features – auto-reply, follower management, content management – are supported.

– for businesses wanting to push content frequently or engage in content marketing,

3. Company Account

 For company domestic use. Can realise basic functions as mobile office automation. Some big Chinese companies are investigating the use of this system.

4. Capturing Moments

Personal moments can be shared with friends – text, pictures, short videos and music. Advertisements have recently begun to appear in WeChat Moments.

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