Luxembourg’s Signature receives international award

November 13, 2017


Luxembourg’s Signature

The agencies Binsfeld and Vidale-Gloesener have won the ‘City Nation Place Award 2017’ in the category ‘Best Expression of Place Identity Through Design’. The new visual identity of Luxembourg has prevailed over submissions by participants from four different continents. This prestigious award emphasizes the impact and significance of the concept elaborated.

The ‘City Nation Place Award’ recognizes the most creative and efficient actions taken to further a country’s, city’s or place’s and their values’ long term visibility, to promote citizen engagement and to attract talents, companies and tourists.

The award is organised annually by ‘City Nation Place’, a business organisation specialized on the expanding field of sustainable nation branding. An international, seven-member expert jury reviewed the submitted dossiers and awarded prizes in five categories.

In the category ‘Best Expression of Place Identity Through Design’, most important to the evaluation is the extent to which the design reflects the strategic considerations on the positioning in a concise and distinct way.

About Luxembourg’s Signature
Luxembourg’s Signature was developed as part of the process to promote the country’s image. The strategy and implementation of this process is lead by the ‘Coordination Committee Inspiring Luxembourg’. Along with the agency Vidale-Gloesener, Binsfeld elaborated Luxembourg’s new Signature.

Luxembourg’s Signature is composed of the ‘X-Symbol’ and the Invitation ‘Let’s make it
happen’. The ‘X’ symbolises the diversity of possibilities the Grand-Duchy offers.

Furthermore, it visualises the country’s openeness, which goes hand in hand with stability and reliability. The slogan invites everyone to actively seize the opportunities the country presents, and to become a successful shaper oneself.

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