London, IPRN European Capital 2019

November 26, 2019


Foto de Grupo

The IPRN European Regional Meeting 2019 was held in London with the highest member’ attendance ever, several new faces and a very good agenda organized by our partner Redwood.

43 delegates from 29 agencies and 21 countries, including members from Russia, the USA, Saudi Arabia and 5 new members, met in a perfect location with an intense and cooperative atmosphere to exchange on current trends and future perspectives of PR.

The agenda was run in several parts: new member presentations, a quick update of issues and projects going on in IPRN, a presentation about the changing media landscape by the expert BBC journalist Adam Kirtley, a networking lunch, several interesting presentations and best practices by members and a workshop organized by Redwood, that created and engaging exchange of information and participation.

Rodrigo Freitas make a quick update of the Lisbon 2020 AGM + Conference and Alberte Santos made a point about the importance of updating our agencies information for a better internal and external use as well as promoting national and regional meetings. Several member presentations followed: the “Wadworth repositioning & video work” by Nexus, the “CSR for VW in Poland” by Public Dialog and “Communicating a complex change in Edinburgh” by Redwood. Harvey Choat made an exposition about the brand positioning & identity or IPRN, Binsfeld about “The future of corporate publishing”, TDUB “Big Data for PR” and Redwood “Britain & Brexit”.

“This conference in London has been another excellent opportunity to share insights and trends of the PR industry IPRN with our members and to present creative ideas and best practices that contribute in a excellent way to our knowledge transfer goal, a better understanding of our agencies, the activities we do with our clients and our international network potential” said Luis Gonzalez, CEO of IPRN.

The Redwood team was leaded by Liz d’Oliveira and with the support of her colleagues Lucy, Pia and Tara, set up a great regional event with the cooperation of the other UK and Irish IPRN members, good presentations and an active member participation.

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