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November 5, 2019



What’s even better than a great story? How about a great story that creates conversations with the right audience and generates business leads?

In an age of accountability, delivering genuine interest and business enquiries is at the forefront of every client brief. With this in mind, we’re proud to share how we’re now leveraging the success of our stories – and the genuine interest they inspire – to produce tangible business leads.

In other words, McOnie has become the answer to the question, ‘What’s better than a great story?’

Storytelling, conversations, lead generations
In public relations and in marketing, the process of storytelling is a powerful tool for raising brand awareness and engagement, cultivating strong relationships between businesses and their target audiences and generating positive publicity. We already know that good storytelling and traditional PR activities create product consideration.

Using the clients’ stories as a starting point to warm-up the market, PR activity can create interest in, and awareness of, your brand. After the market has been primed, our lead generation activity can then capitalise on this by targeting key decision-makers from the right businesses. Ultimately, PR and lead generation can work in tandem to transform initial interest into a tangible business enquiry: a real result for businesses. We can make your PR more accountable by helping you close the loop and produce key enquiries.

The rise of digital
Digital strategy and content is a fast and accessible tactic for lead generation.

Digital content is traceable content. Take Facebook or LinkedIn. Through targeted campaigns on either or both of these platforms, we can capture data about who’s viewed what and when, where they’ve clicked afterwards and how many times they’ve done it.

A good digital campaign can enhance brand engagement and help encourage new customer leads for your business. It will create interest and conversations, and it will deliver tangible results.

The telemarketing renaissance
Telemarketing is a highly effective channel for B2B businesses to generate qualified marketing leads.

Recent research by the Data and Marketing Association (DMA) has shown that for every £1 that a business invests in telemarketing, it generates £11 of revenue in return. With that kind of statistic, who wouldn’t want to try it?

GDPR-compliant telemarketing lets our clients approach, and interact with, their targeted decision-makers directly. It brings PR storytelling to life and gives a face and a personality to the client’s brand and allows them to leverage relationships that have begun through our storytelling. Our latest results from telemarketing have greatly exceeded expectations and KPIs. In the words of the DMA (and British Telecom) it’s good to talk!

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