JP│KOM recognized for creating successful global web magazine

December 19, 2017


IPRN_CoatingsMatters JP KOM

Global, interactive, infotaining – and now also decorated! BASF Coatings’ global “Coatings Matters” web magazine won over the jury at this year’s LACP spotlight awards: JP│KOM received the Platinum Award for the concept creation and implementation of the webzine. What’s more, JP│KOM’s submission was included in the Top 100 Communications Materials of 2017, ranking 10th out of all the entries reviewed worldwide this year.

Coatings Matters reaches 11,500 employees across the globe, engaging them via votes and quick polls and keeping them up-to-date with engaging stories and interactive infographics. The magazine is published quarterly, both as an online magazine and a high-quality print version. Since it was first released in March 2017, two more issues have been published, and the last issue of the year is now ready to go to print.
The League of American Communications Professionals LACP recognizes international best-in-class communication capabilities.

Team: Katharina Balkmann (project leader), Miriam Stanitzek (web and print design), Tobias Wesselmann (editor) and Milene Rijcken (concept creation).

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