Journalism in the digital era

November 16, 2018


Journalism in the digital era

L45, agency specialized in on and off-line institutional relations, have realized a survey on how the italian financial and economic journalists use internet and social media for their job. They decided phone called 205 journalists with those who work daily, and from April to June of 2018 the have submitted them 8 questions.

The research shows the image of a strongly changing sector. These are the principal highlights

  • 90% of journalists regularly consult online sources for the preparation of their articles.
  • The main sources consulted online are company websites (82%) and articles from other publications (75%). The role of Wikipedia and online encyclopedias also grows in importance.
  • The main social networks used by journalists as news sources are LinkedIn (40%) and Twitter (28%).
  • The social networks most used by journalists to interact with the heads of companies is, above all, LinkedIn (76%).

Simone Guzzardi, partner and managing director of L45, commented that “not only the work of journalists has been modified, but also that of communicators.” Whether they are companies or external consultants, they should consider digital reputation as an integral part of relations with the media.”

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