IPRN’s Austrian member becomes chair of country’s Public Relations Association

May 11, 2015


Susanne Senft, managing director of senft & partner PR has been elected as new chair of the Public Relations Association of Austria (PRVA). She took over as the head of a nine-member management board on April 16, 2015.

The PRVA has become a powerful business organisation within Austria boasting 750 members. The management board consists of nine communications experts drawn from agencies, companies and NGOs. Susanne has been Vice President for the last two years and has stated that during her chairmanship her major focus will be on more quality and ethics in public relations and strategic communications as well as supporting young, aspiring public relations professionals.

Susanne Senft’s term of office begins on April 16 and will run for two years. The PRVA has determined that it will ensure members adhere to a high quality standard and to this end offers a wide range of training and development opportunities, often in cooperation with educational institutions.

Susanne said, “I’m delighted to be honoured by my fellow professionals and my goal is to ensure that PRVA remains a driving force of ethical public relations in Austria. I will strive to ensure that public relations becomes established as a strategic management function that makes a valuable, visible and socially responsible contribution to companies, agencies and organisations throughout our country.”





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