IPRN celebrates its 25th anniversary growing with more than 50 members

February 18, 2020



IPRN expanded its global reach with the addition of 7 new member agencies in 2019: Catalyst (India), PR Concept (Estonia), True Relazioni Pubbliche (Italy), The House PR (Romania), ProComm (Austria), Extrovert (Greece) and Luna from Brussels (Belgium). Thunderbird added McOnie and Houston in the UK and Euromedia Alana Consultores in Spain, to continue as larger IPRN members. The recent incorporation of Textual in Brazil and Mekky Media in the USA has rise the number of IPRN members to 51, in more than 40 countries with offices in 97 cities at the start of 2020.

Two important IPRN events in 2019 contributed to this success with the highest member attendance ever; the AGM & Conference in Warsaw in May and the European Regional meeting in London in November. In Warsaw IPRN had the honor to count with the President of Poland as a special guest and expert communicator for the annual gala dinner and prize giving ceremony.

Excellent projects and best practices in various parts of the world with good panel discussions offered great insights and knowledge transfer as the best way for members and their clients to succeed in national and international projects in local markets.

IPRN continues dedicated to offering unequalled opportunities for the advancement of knowledge through the exchange of information and experiences between owners and senior directors of independent PR agencies throughout the world with the organization and design of exclusive activities. This has resulted in a constant member growth each year with award winning independent agencies from many countries contributing to IPRN reputation and notoriety in the PR industry.

With members all over the world, IPRN agencies are specialized in nearly all the sectors by the volume of clients handed. 2020 will be the 25th anniversary of the association that will celebrate this year the Annual General Meeting and Conference in May in Lisbon, after having done it in former years in Warsaw, Beijing, Moscow, Bordeaux and Washington.

The combined fee of IPRN members exceeds 500 million $ and 7.000 staff in more than 40 countries and 51 communication agencies, providing local knowledge and global reach for all clients looking for selective market PR programs.


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