Introduction – E-News Oct ’15

October 26, 2015


Dear colleagues and friends,

It is a great pleasure to say hello to you all via this new Communication Channel. Our e-Newsletter, that we approved in our last Conference in May in Washington, is being led by Sarah McOnie and her team at The McOnie Agency in the UK and they look forward to receiving any content from as many IPRN members as possible.

Since Washington many things have been going on within the IPRN, most of which was discussed at the AGM and Conference such as the website, the change of General Secretary from Jonathan Choat to me and compiling and resuming “what the members want” from the Network. We are progressing in all three areas and I will briefly explain:

  1. Before developing a new website, we have decided to get the most out of the existing one, by having it updated and learning how to better align it with the discussions we had in Washington and the resume of “What the members Want”. A new website proposal will be presented at the next conference in Bordeaux, in May 2016.
  1. All the paperwork, files, accounting, etc., that were in the hands of Jonathan and Maggi, who resigned as website administrator in June, has been passed to me and a technical team of digital experts that will help us, a new Bank Account in € in Madrid, etc. We have been receiving requests from agencies / freelancers to become members of IPRN, 12 in total and I am progressing with four who seem to be serious enough. I will inform you if all the due diligence is OK and ask for your final approval, as in the past.
  1. Hope that you all had the chance to read the document: “What the Members Want” from IPRN. If not, please go through it. As I said in the e-mail I sent, this is going to be my guideline in relation to what you want and what has to be done. Any ideas that can complement or reinforce it are always welcome.

In the meantime and after the work that I have been doing during the past months, other projects and activities that involve IPRN have progressed and I will update you as they matured.

All the best for you and your business and profit of this new communication channel, as well as the Facebook page and our sections in the website, News and Hot Topics, to keep the rest of the members informed.

Luis G. Canomanuel

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