International Public Relations Network met in Beijing to Discuss Global Public Relations Trends

June 18, 2018


AGM Beijing

The 23th Annual General Meeting of IPRN, organized this year by Chinese member Blue Focus, attracted many of the public relations CEOs, owners and senior practitioners of the IPRN agencies to discuss worldwide PR trends, best practices, learn about the Chinese culture and PR industry, networking and client opportunities.

IPRN’s annual conference offers the keenest minds in the industry a platform to understand trends and best practices in various parts of the world and to bring these insights to their clients. The 2018 meeting, themed “Managing a Better Business”, offered numerous panel discussions on topics ranging from how managing a better business and the future of PR to video storytelling or influencer marketing.

“We’re are thrilled to have had our annual meeting in Beijing and discussing effective public relations practices with our Chinese colleagues and experts. This meeting has provided priceless benefits to our member agencies, but also to our clients, many of whom are very interested in penetrating the China market, and learn about how to handle PR in other parts of the world” said Luis Gonzalez, President and CEO of IPRN.

“We are proud to have had the opportunity to host our global colleagues in Beijing. With a rapidly changing public relations landscape in both China and the world, the successful exchanges at this conference has been very useful to equip us with tools necessary to continue innovating in our industry,” said Athena Wang of Blue Focus, the hosting agency, based in Beijing.

Some of the key moments were the presentations of the “Projects of the Year” awards and the election of the winner; “We Rock Fest”, from the agency Central de Informaçao, from Portugal, the presentation of the Chinese Media and PR Landscape and the structure and way of working of Blue Focus, in their immense headquarter facilities as one of the largest PR agencies in the world, several presentations of expert IPRN member specialists about trends and agency management and the key note presentation of Yin Xiadong, about the future of PR in China.

Luis González Canomanuel, from the agency Alana, in Spain, was reelected unanimously as the President & CEO of the organization for another period of 3 years, after the success in positioning IPRN as one of the largest independent global networks, continue expanding its membership in all 5 continents, with new members in France, Korea, South Africa, Chile, Saudi Arabia, the Czech Republic, Italy, etc., and making members more active in the life and leadership of the organization committees, working groups and regions to continue developing and growing IPRN.

Members also elected Pawel Bylicki, of the agency Public Dialog, from Poland, as the new Chairman of IPRN for the period 2018-2019, with his main role to organize the 2019 IPRN AGM Congress in Warsaw and inspire the development of the organization. Rodrigo Freitas, from Central de Informaçao, Portugal, was elected also as the new Vice Chairman of the organization for the same period.

IPRN continues dedicated to offering unequalled opportunities for the advancement of knowledge through the exchange of information and experiences with other public relations professionals throughout the world, as the best way to offer their clients the best local knowledge to succeed in international projects and markets.

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