In the Covid-19 era, what are the changes for PR agencies?

August 6, 2021


The members of IPRN gathered in June 8th for an Zoom Conference, organized by Central de Informaçao, where discussed and shared new ways to communicate. During the pandemic, brands, companies and PR agencies were forced to adapt their way of communicating with the target audience. What has changed with the pandemic? What new ways of communicating have the PR agencies found? These are the main questions that we have been asking and that were discussed in the webinar.

“Communications trends in the MENA region”, “Challenges from PR agencies”, “Tik Tok as an excellent way to promote a stroke awareness campaign” and “Communication and reputation: New paradigms” were some of the topics presented during the webinar. In such a difficult and uncertain time like this, brands realized that they must communicate in a genuine and transparent way, show their purpose and effectively contribute to improving the customers lives.

PR agencies around the world have also felt the impact of Covid-19 in their work. The planned messages has to be changed, it is no longer possible or it becomes sensitive to talk about certain topics and there are other needs appeared that required new and different solutions. The positive side is the digital. Digital and social media have compensated and helped to overcome the problem. The content was rethought and many brands that thought it unnecessary started to invest heavily in digital and social media.

By Rodrigo Viana de Freitas, Central de Informaçao

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