How to communicate your agency potential in the coronacrisis

April 14, 2020



In this global coronacrisis it is critical for PR agencies to keep communicating well, maintain you activity virtually, keep you staff engaged and set priorities.

Companies need to adapt quickly to stay relevant as old rules no longer apply. The first thing to do is to readjust the mix of public relations and marketing activities and here agencies can be of great help to clients. The second is using this time to delegate certain responsibilities to your staff.

TV and social media consumption has increased dramatically with ‘lockdown’ restrictions. Online communications and digital marketing solutions have become a critical part of any communications strategy, while advertising, print materials and traditional public relations are less relevant.

Digital Media Relations solutions help clients reach the audiences that matter. From press release distribution to online press conferences, media monitoring to exclusive interview facilitation, all solutions are available online, accessible remotely and able to connect companies and leaders with the media and journalists.

Online press conferences are essential in delivering credible messages to your most important audiences. Digital services help journalists and PR professionals to build new relationships with business and organization leaders. With physical meetings impossible in the actual times, technology is helping to drive new ways of communicating without the need for face-to-face interaction.

Digital communication and marketing solutions like: Online Press Offices, Webinars, Media Libraries, Social Media Marketing and SEO Strategies, Pay-Per-Click & Programmatic Advertising and Lead Generation Strategies, help journalists, media, business and organizations continue their operations.

Business leaders can use Skype, Zoom and other tools to speak to journalist in an exclusive interview, or hundreds of journalists in an online press conference. All from home with just a computer or smartphone.
Healthcare agencies are focusing around “facts and myths” of Covid-19, Public Affair agencies about government national and international programs and policies and all in communication with employees and other relevant stakeholders.

In times of enforced change, innovation is a crucial quality as is adopting the Chinese double meaning of “crisis”; danger, first and opportunity, second. Companies and businesses who adapt fast will be the winners after the crisis.

For the media, times are challenging. The usual newsgathering process is not possible any longer, journalists are unable to move easily and travel, take photos or video so they have to rely more on the public relations industry and other sources to produce content. PR has the important role to help the media industry to keep moving and the readers well informed, so it is a good time to demonstrate you are a good source.

By Luis G. Canomanuel

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