Goodbye LUCA, Wellcome Alana Consultores de Comunicación!

February 28, 2018


Luca Comunicación has started a new professional stage in 2018 merging with others under a new name and brand: Alana Consultores de Comunicación, a new communication and PR agency supported by a 25 year experience and a complete multichannel and 360º service offer.

Alana is a new Communication Consultancy, open, experienced, innovative and multichannel, that will transform the way of doing Communication and Marketing, balancing the offline and online worlds, generating trust relationships and demonstrating reliability and results.

Alana has an experienced team that results from the merger of solid companies and different partners that complete a 360º offer of multichannel services, based on a broad mastery of strategic management, corporate and product experience and proven results over 30 years with national and international clients. It is also supported by highly recognized experts in the sector with an extensive experience in consulting for multinational companies from various economic sectors

Alana was born with the aim of generating new bonds and relationships of trust with the community, through dialogue, experience, innovation and empathy.

We hope to see you all in Beijing so you can get to know Alana better!

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