General Secretary’s Update

February 16, 2016


Dear colleagues and friends,

In the last months I have been working on the growth and development of the network with several demands of membership. After the incorporation of the two new members, EDC in Portugal and Primo PR in Germany two more are in the final membership process: EastWestPR India and Axees PR in Italy.

We had an increase in information demand for membership, via the website and the use of direct contacts from some members. I want to thank very specially Jan Gusich, from Akhia, chair of IPRN North America, who is dealing with several potential members from whom I hope to incorporate some good ones in the next months.

I continue updating with your feedback the document “What the Members Want from IPRN” to make sure the progress is aligned with the membership wishes. In relation to improvements I can tell you that the proposal for the new website is advanced and maybe we will have the new website finished for Bordeaux. I will present also in the AGM the 1st IPRN Business Plan with a vision 2020 and also other projects to help grow the value and visibility of our agencies.

Hope that you profit of this e-newsletter as a new communication channel, as well as the Facebook page and our sections in the website, News and Hot Topics, to keep members and visitors updated with your news.

Don’t forget to register for the AGM / Conference in Bordeaux, who is going to be a memorable event and let me know the project that you select to participate in the Project of the Year 2016. Diplomas and prizes will be waiting for the finalists and winners.

A good and prosperous year for all,

Luis G. Canomanuel

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