First IPRN Webinar during the Covid-19 about best practices

June 17, 2020


IPRN Webinar

Tough times bring new opportunities and as communication specialists we should be aware and embrace them. That’s why the IPRN’ CEO supported the initiative of PR Partner to organize the first webinar for members to discuss new communication opportunities of the crisis, giving advice and providing support for members during this difficult time.

The webinar counted with the help of the several senior and expert members that shared real cases of current communication activities, best practices and recommendations to be used during this time and for the “new reality” that will come after. It was held on the 5th May with the participation of six members as speakers and Q&A section.

Under the title “Coronacrisis: are PR agencies ready?, the speakers and presentations shared useful cases in different areas of communication and PR, including best practices, internal communication activities, crisis communication strategies, online events & marketing and recommendations, proposals and solutions.

Luis González, CEO of IPRN, made an introduction about the main goal of the webinar, the current situation of IPRN and the potential of future ones, Rodrigo Freitas, IPRN Chairman, explained briefly about the organization of the AGM delayed to November.
With the presentation “New formats, new content: marketing of agencies in the times of Coronavirus”, Jörg Pfannenberg, from JP│KOM, explained how they have changed the formats, issues and marketing during the pandemic. Carrie Jones, from JPA , shared tips for successfully managing the agency while working remotely and supporting staff effectively. Isabell Reinecke, from Presigno, presented a whitepaper on crisis communication highlighting new activities launched during the pandemic and Inna Anisimova, from PR Partner, dedicated her presentation to developing successfully online events during the quarantine with a unique approach for reaching client’s marketing objectives using online formats.

The recording of the webinar is in our channel on Vimeo

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